mindy with a group of kirabo students in 2011

mindy with a group of kirabo students in 2011

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Kirabo Foundation was founded after Mindy Burgin spent 4 months working as a nurse in a Ugandan orphanage. Upon learning how difficult it was for orphans to get an education, Mindy returned to the U. S. and, with the help of a few family and friends, began supporting 7 young Ugandans by sending them to school. As the list of needy kids continued to grow, Kirabo was formed. Incorporated since 2004, Kirabo continues to provide scholarships to orphaned Ugandan youth to offer them a path toward hope. More than 20 students have graduated from vocational schools and universities thanks to Kirabo, and have gone on to serve in a variety of careers such as builders, chefs, doctors, veterinarians, tailors, nurses, and designers. 

Kirabo is completely volunteer, with every dollar going directly to Uganda, where we operate as a registered NGO in Jinja. Kirabo kids receive scholarships to cover their tuition, but they also are provided with uniforms, books, shoes, minor medical care, and necessary hygiene items. Students without a good home environment are placed in boarding schools where they can be safe and well-fed as well as educated.

As a 501-c(3) organization, all donations to Kirabo are fully tax deductible.